Why do we question our self worth,

when it is not quantifiable, not equal to

any form mathematically, logically 

comprehensible within the context of


The mind thinks,

but devoid of heart 

centered within ourselves

cannot connect to 

the core of our existence. 

Self worth is bridging:

mind and heart,

brilliance and humility,

action and stillness,

humanity and self.


Sometimes we do not know where we are headed,
or whether it is even the right direction.
We look for signs,
we ask for directions from passerby’s,
only to be told their viewpoints,
unsure if it applies to our current situation.

Why are we so unsure of ourselves,
question our every step,
or swing completely to the opposite end,
pretending to boast self confidence,
while the scared cat,
arches its back,
|in the dark, bleak corner of our inner heart,
shivering with fear,
fear of being found,
called out as fake?

Nothing is certain,
nothing is guaranteed.
Even the truth we seek through others,
through the institutions past who have upheld dignity, honor,
now in shambles,
desolate without an ounce of remembrance of times gone by.

But we do not need to identity with any of this,
for our truth,
our self worth,
our way of being and living,
is within our selves.
Even if we may not know what tomorrow will bring,
we have today,
and that is all we need,
to make the difference we seek.


The work we do,
is not of boasting,
but of privilege.
A privilege bestowed upon us the moment we came into this Earth,
carrying the gifts we decided to bring on this journey,
to share with others in supporting one another in the awakening of the spirit.
We are reminded when our heart cringes from lack of support,
for a vision we deeply cherish,
a part of our being yearns to create,
to express our deepest desires,
our thoughts, our dreams,
vivid, vibrant, and full of life.
There is no wrong way to live such a life,
for if it is fueled with heart,
only love can reside.
Let us embark on this love-filled ride,
full of surprises and expansion,
for we are here not as robotic-beings,
but full of light, ready to fight for what we believe in —