May today bring you serenity,

for the souls who have passed on,

teaching us the preciousness of life,

the fleeting moment of each second.

May your heart be filled with laughter,

for the moments we have spent,

with loved ones,

who continue to be by our side as we march on.

May difficult times,

continue to be a reminder;

what we overcome, strengthen us,

and reveals what truly matters.

And may your thoughts, dreams, aspirations, visions come to life,

for you are here living,

we are breathing,

continuing on not only our own lives,

but the lives of those who have perished,

for no life is lost in vein,

as we remember, honor, respect, resurrect,

through our love,

for life, for our existence,

for those who have come before and those who will come after.

Love connects us,

past, present, and future,

from now until eternity.