No one should ever have to go through this.

Steaming with anger,

helpless by fear,

you would never know,

behind the smile,

tears of agony.


Who do you think you are,

thinking it is ok,

to push your thoughts and lustful desires,

upon another unwilling,

un-wanting of your offerings?

Has the thought ever occurred,

that perhaps, just maybe,

you are not as desirable,

your words, your eyes, your gestures,

digging through into places,

only reserved for those invited?

Who invited you? No one. Yet, YOU decided it was ok,

to come barging in,



I am enraged,

I feel disgusted,

I want to run, far, far, away,

but I won’t.

I won’t.

Because I will NOT let you have your way,

I will NOT let you affect me,

I will NOT let you penetrate into my being,

you will NOT, NOT, NOT.




You are NOT welcome into my abode,

for it is a sacred space,

only for the worthy,

only for the select few.


When I see you next,

I will smile,

I will be courteous,

I will be genuine,

but I will stand my ground.

You may have caught me off guard once,

but never, twice.