We tend to view the world through our own —

thoughts, visions, emotions,

quickly victimizing our —

situations, words, actions.

“Why does this happen to me?”

“Why doesn’t it happen to me?”

ME. Me. Not we, not he/they/she,

but, me.

Having awareness of the self is important,

the sails in the wind, captaining our ship,

but at times we fail to notice the wind,

pushing us towards our destination.

What is the wind,

which pushes you towards your dreams —

the wind,

expanding your horizons?

The other,

those who we may or may not know,

who have impacted our lives,

changed it for the better,

changed it for the forever.

Me, is just as important as they, them,

Me, is the same as we.

Together a dream can become a reality,

discovering new lands,

changing the lives of many.