Expanding our hearts,

we keep trying, trying, trying.

This? That?

No. Maybe?

Nothing seems to be fitting right.

Paint by numbers,

square by square,

quadrant by quadrant,

yet we want to break free,

express our hearts,

be seen for “me”.

But what is “me”?

Is it this façade that others deem,

with delight saying,

“Yes, you are thee.”?

We nod, we agree,

we disagree, we are not the pedigree,

of this or any one thing,

and we,

become diseased,

uneasy by the mere fact of,

not having control over what another may think.

But, why should any of that matter,

when what we do has no barring on

who we are or what we believe?

The carrier of truth.

The expression of soul.

The wonderment of life.

Yes, yes, yes.

All these things and more,

but these are not labels,

these are truths,

and truths,

only lie dormant within,

awakening but a mere sound,

to the thump-thump-thump of a heart excited,

to learn the essence of one’s being,

found in the very thing we have been pondering,

the very thing we have been questioning.


in the moments when we live,

doing — what we love most.