Sometimes I forget to smile,

when things are difficult,

when sadness is felt deeply,

when much suffering is happening around the world.

Visiting a family friend this weekend admitted into the hospital,

upon entering his room,

once towering, jolly laughing, teeth-showing smile was nowhere to be found.

Instead, tubes, all over,

skin and bones, bruises,

gasping for air,

and fighting for life. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

Eyes started to burn with pain,

trying to hold myself together,

but quickly aligning with the Universe, asking,

“Please guide me. Allow the energies of healing to come through.”

And placed my hands over his body.

His heartbeat, earlier irregular,

began to calm.

His breathing slowing down ever so slightly,

ever so quietly.

I begin to tune into his energy, trying to channel Chako, his beloved wife.

I ask, “Will you come be with him? Is it time?”

She answers with a chuckle, “He is stubborn. He’ll only come when he is ready and I will be waiting right there when he is.”

The love they shared — it must have been powerful.

Eyes open again, looking down at him,

still gasping for air.

I lean in and say, “She’s here, you are not alone. She knows.”

I know his subconscious can hear me, can feel her.

He’s 89.

People say he’s lived a long, good life.

Many, many people come to see him.

A testament to his character, being of service to others.

And yet, even with the body readying for departure,

the spirit within strongly yelled, “NO NOT YET! I WANT TO LIVE!”

Many who want to live, fighting for their lives, for just one more day,

and yet many more living life forgetting to love the life given.

I was reminded, again,

time will come when it comes,

but until then,

how can life be lived with fulfillment,

while being of service to others?

The life given, passed down from ancestor to ancestor to create us, now,

how can this existence be honored?