We believe in,

the possibilities that are fed to us,

like animals locked up in a cage, waiting for their next feeding,

yet what we don’t realize is that,

perhaps what we have been told is but a mere illusion,

a possibility without intention for something beyond,

but an intention,

ignited by the whims and woes of those born prior to our existence,

decided upon themselves what is right,

what is wrong.

The question we must ask ourselves is,

“Is this what I truly believe in?”

and if so,


Why do we believe what we do?

is it by choice,

or is it fed to us,

and before realizing,

become a part of our psyche;

part of our dreamworld.

We mustn’t fall asleep,

lullabied by what is known as the norm,

for if we do not awaken now,

then, when?