Nothing is ever what it seems.

Sometimes better, at times worse,

but nothing is ever what it seems.

We ponder, wonder life,

thinking our imaginations reveal truth,

when in actuality, it contains only fragments of our reality.

How can we begin to see things clearly,

with conviction and confidence?

To see through the heart, not the mind.

The heart shapes reality,

the mind creates illusion.

The heart speaks through spirits,

the mind through the physical.

Yet the two must coexist to create balance,

as one exists through flesh and light.

The child exists in the heart,

The adult roams in the mind.

The true self expresses through the heart,

the contrived self through the mind.

There is no better or worse;

no good or bad, yes or no,

as that is determined through the eye of one,

not all.

To understand is to give ourselves a chance,

to expand beyond,

our own physical existence.