I am an empath. HSP. Energy reader. Starseed. Indigo. Messenger of Universal messages.

I sense auras, see sounds as colors and shapes. One’s soul energy comes through as visuals, forms, colors, emotions, and beyond.

Life is experienced intensely — cities, lights, colors, sounds, intense energies overwhelm, overload the system. Recharge is not only a necessity; needed to survive.

On the outside, peace, serenity, and a sense of knowing. Internally, still searching, learning, expanding, overcoming, letting go, surrendering, trying to flow.

I have only lived on this Earth for 36 years. I do not know everything. I am not a saint. I learn with and through others, continually awakened and humbled with each experience. Nothing is too small or minuscule. All of life’s lessons grand and purposeful.

I continue to search for meaning, connectivity, bridging the gap of the seen and unseen, in hopes of awakening and invigorating the spirits of this World, including the one within.