There is this saying in Japanese:


Directly translated, it states, “Even on top of a rock, 3 years.” The meaning behind this saying is even on top of a stone cold rock, if one sits on it consecutively for 3 years, it will begin to warm up. To speak in terms of life, it means, if one patiently works towards a chosen path, even in the toughest of situations, one will succeed.

Success, not in terms of income or status, but in bringing to life one’s visions.

I’m going into my 4th year since focusing on painting and finally feel like I am standing at the start line; seeds planted many years ago, beginning to sprout, to take form.

One thing I am noticing, even more so as I get older is, anything of value, anything worth fighting for, being stubborn towards, gritting your teeth holding onto dear life for, is worth every bit of effort put in.

Even with the ebb and flow of life, creation is the rock I plan to continue sitting upon, like a stubborn bull, even until I’m a prune. (I love prunes.)

What is the rock you have decided to sit upon?