I’ve been quiet here as of late,

contemplating the meaning of connection.

What does it mean to connect?

What are we in search of when we share ourselves with the world?

Companionship, love, understanding, belonging —

perhaps it is a culmination of and beyond.

But a hallowness prevails within this beauty,

a sense of need, unconscious, monotonous, autonomous whittling down of,

doing instead of being.

Because we are limited within the confines of our physical,

all the more reason to cherish every single second,

and within these seconds, to be aware, awake, purposeful, meaningful.

Potent, poignant, exacting,

to honor our existence,

the precious life we have been given,

the unique interation that is currently,


I am trying an experiment.


but to fight to urge to act for the sake of acting,

but doing, being, permeating,

I must curate,

not to sensor,

but to cut through the fog,

to infuse what is brought into the world with intention, channeling energies,

channeling light, channeling life,

for if we want to change the world,

we must first change OUR world,

from within.