Creeping, crawling,
one inch at a time.
In the trenches,
time moves forever still.

We seek justice,
but to no avail,
no one hears our cries,
for miles and miles.

At times infinite,
our search for meaning,
yet when all align,
happens in an instant.

Surge of energy,
pouring through our hearts,
releasing old habits,
releasing old wants.

Weary old men,
thirsting for desires,
weary old women,
thirsting for appreciation.

Is no one to blame,
for our misery and dismay?
No one, except us,
you and I, each of us.
But there is hope,
for with any down,
there is up,
and where we fly towards,
there is light.

Shining bright,
warming our hearts,
shining bright,
focusing attention to what we must —
our hearts, our hearts,
Let them beat loudly, clearly:
we want peace, we want justice,
we want laughter, we want cognition,
we want acceptance, we want recognition,
we want love, we want life.

Let us soar,
high above the controversy,
to a place of multitude,
where respect, soul-gathering, abundance, exist.
We are there, in the mind,
we are there, in our hearts,
we must abide by the rules of life,
for you and I, we cannot collide,
but combine, 
to survive.