Many times we associate fear with being a part of us. It may show up in our lives as resistance, anger, sorrow, and the inability to let go. But what we might not see or understand is that fear is just a feeling; a fleeting moment at that.

When we come from a place of fear, it constricts, controls, and holds us back from expressing ourselves in our truest form. It makes us shrivel up into a tiny ball, crawling back towards our safety hole, but along with any feeling we experience, if we do not associate with it, if we do not agree to bring it into our world as truth, it too shall pass.

To overcome this fear, we must first understand that “I” and “fear” are not one in the same, but separate entities. I = a spirit, with endless possibilities, waiting to spread the wings of expansion into life’s treasures. Fear = a feeling, fleeting, non-committal, a passerby with no real interest in enriching our lives. Almost like a boogieman, scary in thought, but in reality, just a moment.

And if this is the case, there is no need to dwell on the originator of fear, but to see it as it is, just fear. A moment. A feeling. Nothing more and definitely not something which defines the self.⠀

To overcome is to identify and detach, to quiet the mind when it arises, to ride the wave of discomfort, and at times excruciating seconds, only to realize it is all happening within and many times, not even attached to something real.

What is real is our spirits, our guiding light within, and that, is infinite, limitless, and always aligned to the highest intentions for our truest expressions of existence.