Can you hear,

the loneliness in my heart?

The feeling of insecurity,

gnawing at every last bit of dignity.

Shall I tell you,

the intimate words which unravel my heart,

exposing every last ounce of fear,

of being thrown away, naked and in despair?


Tearing into my soul,

as if it is part of the everyday.

Nonchalant, really,

each word piercing,

yet I smile, 

acting as if nothing happened.


But I will tell you this:

even if tattered and torn,

the spirit will march on,

for I know deep down,

it fades to no one,

no thing forced upon by another.


Strong, confident, 

holding my head up,

heart beating with life,

knowing deep down this path is right,

living as who I am meant to be.