We wander, agonize, over what we are meant to do. ⠀
We ask ourselves, "What is our life purpose?"⠀
For some, they may pass on without knowing what this may be,⠀
but many times, just being who we truly are -is- living our life purpose.⠀

People may have only one purpose,⠀
some, sub-purposes within a purpose,⠀
and others, multiple purposes.⠀
It does not matter how many.⠀
What matters is the continued quest in knowing; awakening.⠀

A hint into the connection between who we truly are and what we are meant to do lies in our childhood.⠀
Pure, innocent souls, we exist without rules placed upon ourselves or by others — living moment to moment, internal to external.⠀

What did you love then?⠀
What was the first recollection you have of pure bliss?⠀
What were you doing at that moment?⠀
Ask questions, dig deep, be honest.⠀

Connect to your true self.⠀
Connect to our true self.
Unite the fragmented mind with the ever-knowing, continually-guiding spirit.⠀
The answer is close, waiting to be discovered within.