No one ever imagines how life will be upon entering winter.⠀

Limbs not behaving,⠀
the world moving at an accelerated pace.⠀

Loved ones leaving one by one,⠀
things that once made sense, ⠀
slowly slipping away into oblivion.⠀

No one takes you seriously,⠀
because your view of life is deemed obsolete.⠀

Remembering becomes a chore,⠀
mannered behavior over taken by daily functions.⠀
Being able to eat, sit, sleep, be,⠀
is a miracle taken for granted during youth —⠀

"An eternity away," we say.⠀

Let us be kind with our words,⠀
generous with our love,⠀
patient with our actions,⠀
as this is a path we all will take one day,⠀
and would hope,⠀
with dignity and respect,⠀
for the life we have lived.