Unexpected happenings fall upon us,
sometimes full of joy, 
and other times, full of grief.

We know in our minds, have been told, 
"It's a part of life."
And yes, that may be true, 
it is also true that life is what we decide it to be.

Yes, some things we cannot change,
birth, death, nature, Universal laws,
but within these ever-changing landscapes,
we can choose to either flow or go against the currents.

To flow means to not only accept what happens, but to embrace, to acknowledge,
maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow,
but to not ignore its presence.

But remember, all that presents itself,
comes because the time is right,
because we are ready and able to over come these obstacles,
because it is time for us to move forward,
because it is time for us to evolve.
You can, I can, we can, and we will grow stronger.