FRIEZE MAR 2015 — satsuki shibuya . journal

                                                                                        C L I C K  A R T I C L E  T O  E N L A R G E

was truly moved by the writing of frieze editor, jennifer higgie, on their march 2015 issue (p17) regarding how art plays a role in society. 

i, too, sometimes question if what i'm doing as an artist is enough, whether it truly makes a difference in the lives of others, especially being able to directly feel the pain caused by the suffering on our earth. is what i'm doing helping anyone?

but as i read this article, it made me think about the very thing that i also deeply believe; that we all have our unique gifts to share with the world and combined, can create a world of peace, love and harmony. at the core of everything that i do, that is what i hope, envision and work towards. i know it is the reason why i am here.