my left thumb has been hurting for a few days now.

it locks,

it cracks,

it jets out like something robotic has awakened within,

it has a mind of its own.

and yet, i never really gave it much attention when it was functioning flawlessly, effortlessly. 

as much as i like to think that i am conscious of the present moment, when things like this happen, i realize how easy it is to forget the very things that allow me to enjoy life. 

some may say that it is overreacting — perhaps, but i beg to differ, for if i can't be thankful for my thumb, which i already feel crippled not being able to use freely, how can i even begin to feel thankful for my entire body, which functions without problems day after day? the body that allows me to paint my heart, to hug friends, to hold hands with my love.

yes, it may be just a thumb, but to me, it is a part of my being, my existence. 

thank you thumb for supporting me all this time and for helping me realize the importance of truly appreciating life.