SOUL FULFILLMENT — satsuki shibuya

During my morning practice, I started to think about how each life on earth has a purpose. Each plant, each animal and each human being. Even inanimate objects have a purpose for existing. And yet as we go along our days, our lives, we forget about the importance of our own existence. Instead we worry about what others think, what others are doing, and gaining acceptance from others.

What if we were to take that same energy and look inwards instead?

What do we think about ourselves?

Do we care about what we are doing?

Do we accept ourselves for who we are?

I’ve had the opportunity of meeting different types of people and reading their energies (more about this on another post), but the most frequent question I am asked when doing an energy reading is,

”What is my life purpose?”

It doesn’t matter how old they are or how successful they have been because it is about the soul and the soul does not find its identity through financial or material gains. The only thing that matters is whether or not one is living a life that is fulfilled through love. Love of oneself, love of others.

But as our days go by, as we get older and get busier, we are caught up in what we are doing instead of asking why we are doing what we do. We do things to gain praise, to move up the ladder, to be deemed better than others, to be categorized as successful, to have special treatment, but the soul is not fulfilled by these things if not connected to a purpose. There is a difference between wanting to be successful to be successful and becoming successful by doing what you believe in. Both can be seen as success, but only one is connected to the heart.

Although it may be difficult to catch ourselves in our busy lives, nothing is more important than giving time to the life that allows us to live out our visions. Let us take a moment to listen to our souls as it will guide us back to the why of our existence.