ARVO PÄRT / REBIRTH — satsuki shibuya . journal

i was contacted a few months ago inquiring about using one of my pieces, rebirth, for the cover of a book. honored would be an understatement as i found out that it would be a publication about estonian classical and sacred music composer, arvo pärt. 

his compositions are expanding, introspective, serene, emotional and truly transcending. to know that a piece of my work correlated with such beauty, i am deeply moved. 

this piece in particular from the composer caught my attention:

the book is entitled, "arvo pärt: out of silence", written by author, peter c. bouteneff. if interested, you can purchase it here or here.

a heartfelt thank you to amber schley iragui of svs press for thinking of my work for the publication. the classical musician inside is overflowing with joy.