INTO THE LIGHT . SOLO EXHIBITION — satsuki shibuya . journal

as i began painting a year ago, it truly felt as though my inner self was finally coming into the light; emerging as the creative soul that it has been yearning to do so for so many years, perhaps, all throughout my life.

while thinking about the concept for this first solo show, it immediately connected to this emergence and how, in essence, all souls are in search of a path that lights their purpose. it is through this energy that the pieces were created, a conversation, a connection, with each of our hearts, to help one another, support each other, to find our own light. 

if you are in madrid, or will be venturing into this area in the coming weeks/months, please do come and visit. my energy and love will be there waiting to greet you with open arms.

location: do design .  c/ fernando vi, 13 . 28004 . madrid . spain
tel: +34 913 106 217
dates: 07 . may — 01 . aug 2015

i wanted to take a moment to thank lucia of do design for inviting me to showcase my work in her beautiful space. thank you so very much. although traveling is still a bit of a challenge for me, i feel deep gratitude to be able to 'fly' to far off places through my work and connect with others in locations that i would otherwise not have a chance to experience. 

... and thank you all for your support! truly, this would not have been possible without your support. you are always, always, in my heart.