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an interview with japanese singer/songwriter/actor, miwa akihiro, about his experience when the atomic bomb was dropped on hiroshima / nagasaki. he was 10 years old.

while watching this interview, only one thought came to mind — that this must not happen again, to anyone, any country, any person, anywhere in the universe. ever. it does not matter how much opinions may differ, how much anger there may be, how much animosity is harbored, something of this magnitude of destruction must not happen again. 

we as humans are gifted with the brilliance, the choice, the ability to create and with such power, we must not forget the purpose of why we have such privileges. it is not to create weapons of mass destruction, to destroy the earth, to destroy one another. on a lesser scale, it is not for us to use as a means of creating things to heighten our personal egos, to only care about our own needs and wants, to fulfill our own desires. 

our "gift" that is given to us when we are born as humans is to love. it is simple. we have the choice to act on this love or not, but it is still our purpose. love can take on many different forms — romantic, friendship, understanding, caring, thoughtfulness, giving, being, but the most simple and fundamental form of love is the love we can give to ourselves. 

in order to give love, we must first learn to love ourselves. why? it is in this moment, when one can understand what it feels like to love that we can share and give love to another. if one does not experience love, how are we able to give what we do not understand? 

the love of self is not that of selfishness, but of acceptance, embracing and understanding. it is about looking within and seeing that our existence is precious, indispensable. the interesting phenomenon that happens when we are able to see this is that we are suddenly able to understand how we are all connected.

regardless of race, religion, values and customs, our inner souls are not labeled by such. at the core, we are all souls here on earth to learn and grow from one another. we all seek the same goal — to find love and happiness. to find meaning in our lives. to live a life of fulfillment. suddenly, the love of oneself emanates to the love of others and at that moment we realize we are of one spirit.