shared this thought yesterday:

crying my eyes out watching a video of workers stomping sheep while getting sheered, as they cry out for help & left bleeding.
why do we feel that it is ok for us to treat other creatures in such a way? have we no respect for the earth & other lives besides our own?
we co-exist. if you look deeply, we are here because of the air we breathe, which is cleansed by trees. the plants we eat nourish our bodies. animals fertilize our land. some give up their lives so that we can receive their energy to live.
we are one & cannot forget this fact.

as the video i watched was quite disturbing, i won't be putting it here, but instead will share another video i watched recently where it clearly shows that the emotions we feel are felt by other creatures that inhabit our earth with us.

as for the thought above, some may mistake it for anger, judgement, but the tears that flowed were not only for the animals being tortured, but for the humans who were inflicting the pain. no one is born wanting to harm another living creature, at least, this is what i believe. we are all born with pure hearts, spirits. the tears were also for the individuals who have lost their way to their own spirits, their home. 

the way that we have built up our society as of recent, makes it almost impossible for us to remember such connections with our true home. we pollute the air we breathe, we contaminate the soil that grows our food, the only thing that gives us nourishment, we poison it which in turn poisons us. we harm the very creatures that have only given to us since their birth and continue to give, but we take, without an after thought. 

i believe that for those of us who have been privileged to be born as humans, it is also our responsibility to use our powers in ways that compliment and support the world that we live in. to give voice to those who are unable to speak our language, to appreciate all that our world offers us. it is not our right to take unconditionally and we are beginning to see the repercussions of such unconscious consuming.

no matter what our circumstance, let peace be in our hearts.

let us remember what it is like to love without the need for reciprocation. to love because we are meant to, unconditionally.

to those who give to us, let us thank them for their generosity and to those who might have lost their way, let us not hunt them down with negativity, but to first walk alongside them and understand where their hearts are for we must first understand before we can help.

let us not point fingers, to place blame on another for what is happening, but to look deep within ourselves to find a way to change the tide for if we are interconnected, we are as much of the problem as those who are committing the acts.

let us show compassion, for we are capable of such acts. 

... and let us remember that all starts from mindfulness — of our hearts, of our minds, of our beings, of our existence.