a mini book review:

i consider myself a 'newly found introvert' as i've always thought growing up that i was an extrovert with my love for people. as it turns out, all my traits & the way in which i see the world is that of a true introvert, not to mention hsp & a whole host of other things, but that's a completely different post for another day.

prior to reading introvert power, i had read quiet and was fascinated with the ideas that correlated with being introverted / extroverted.

with my parents being from japan, but myself born in america, i have always felt like an in-between-er, neither quite here nor there. in both books, it examines cultural differences and the way in which those who live in particular places react to one another.

for example, in japan, it talks about how having a more introverted nature comes off as being confident, secure and insightful. the same person in the states might end up being thought of as standoff-ish, shy and self-conscious. funny how where you live could possibly mold you into a completely different person even if all other factors stayed the same. i wonder if i would be different if my parents had decided to raise me in japan.

i felt that quiet was an introduction into the world of an introvert and introvert power continues where it left off, to examine how one could harness their introverted nature and apply it towards everyday life.