at times we may feel insignificant. that the efforts made compared to many are unnoticed, but as nature shares, each living being is unique, born for a reason and is the most significant life form to exist in that very moment.

we must remember, just like a little flower, although from afar may feel small, up close, possesses the ability to share beauty and joy in the very instant that its path crosses with another.

this coming year, i want to be conscious in each moment, fully and deeply, for the very things that one looks for are always available in the moments that pass when preoccupied with the past and/or future. 

thank you so very much for your support and love this past year. although i may not be able to say my words of gratitude directly to you, please know that each and every one of you have a special place in my heart.

looking forward to spending another year together. 

with heart,