PHOTO—SYNTHESIS . No.6

                                                                                          PHOTO—SYNTHESIS . No.6

i'm excited to share with you that a curated few of my works from the PHOTO—SYNTHESIS series is now available as limited edition prints through BUDDY EDITIONS. (yay!)

katie armour (one of the co-founders of matchbook magazine) just launched her new project last week and it's been such an honor to be a part of it. from the branding to the story behind why 'buddy' is BUDDY, you can just feel the heart behind the project. a beautifully curated launch, i'm sure you'll find some of your favorite artists/designers/photographers there as well. 

if you've been looking for a way to warm up your walls for the holidays, i would highly recommend going over to BUDDY EDITIONS to check out katie's curated collection. you won't be disappointed!

(thank you, katie, for inviting me to be a part of BUDDY!)