we sometimes forget that our mission is to share love with the world in whatever form it may be. the gift we received when created by the universe was uniquely ours and given to us to share with others as a way of communicating this love.

our sole existence is based on love. the cosmos, when creating us, decided through love, that we would exist in this current life time in the form that we are in today.

when our mothers gave birth to us, no matter what form of love it may have been, in order to overcome such a feat was no other than the power of love. 

our ability to dream, our desire to be who we are meant to be and to share it with the world is because of a deep, innate need to fulfill our mission. 

whether we believe in a particular religion, societal law, familial obligation or personal rule, underlying is a fundamental need to share love. we must not forget for this is what brings all living and non-living forms together in this world. 

we are one. 

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