©  satsuki shibuya

© satsuki shibuya

"it is not our responsibility to take the worries, fears, anxieties of others. it is our responsibility to help support those we love and care for, to be there for them while they embark on their life journeys."

we are brought up to believe that we are less humane, less caring, less compassionate if we do not put others before us; that if we do not try to alleviate the problems, even in lieu of our own well being, that we are doing a disservice towards our existence. 

but, by taking away the problems of others, we are actually taking away the very thing that is meant to help them towards growth and change. they may tell us that what they want is to be relieved of their problems, but their soul may have other plans in mind. most of us are not able to see into the future and although right now alleviating one of their problems might seem to be the best option, in the long run, it may be altering the very path that they are meant to take.

it is not about just leaving someone in need high and dry. actually the contrary. it is about being there for someone, with unconditional love and accepting them for who and where they are in life right now without judgement.  Without the thought of "i know what's best for you" and putting aside our egos to allow for untainted support. to be humble enough to know that we are not the carriers of universal truth and that only the individual will know what it is that they need most.

without exploration, contemplation and realization, one is not able to move closer to their full potential and we must not rob others of their life lessons as those are the gifts and chances for major changes in one's life.