Animals, plants, humans, life,

all under one sky,

all in the care of one mother,

all living together.


But at times,

we forget this sacred pact,

taking without gratitude,

receiving without grace.


No one living being is granted,

unlimited powers upon another,

for we are one, together,

the air, the ground, the light,

without another, we would not exist.



I’ve been quiet here as of late,

contemplating the meaning of connection.

What does it mean to connect?

What are we in search of when we share ourselves with the world?

Companionship, love, understanding, belonging —

perhaps it is a culmination of and beyond.

But a hallowness prevails within this beauty,

a sense of need, unconscious, monotonous, autonomous whittling down of,

doing instead of being.

Because we are limited within the confines of our physical,

all the more reason to cherish every single second,

and within these seconds, to be aware, awake, purposeful, meaningful.

Potent, poignant, exacting,

to honor our existence,

the precious life we have been given,

the unique interation that is currently,


I am trying an experiment.


but to fight to urge to act for the sake of acting,

but doing, being, permeating,

I must curate,

not to sensor,

but to cut through the fog,

to infuse what is brought into the world with intention, channeling energies,

channeling light, channeling life,

for if we want to change the world,

we must first change OUR world,

from within.

Forcing our own ideals, even if we may think it best for another or situation, is spoken, acted upon, through the ego, not heart.

Suggestion, sharing, regardless of outcome, through trust of the other and situation, is allowing flow to take over.


No one thinks about when they get old,

"That's in the distant future." our young self says.

No one imagines what it feels like,

to be in a body that may no longer feel as vibrant,

almost alien-like, withering, wrinkling,

unrecognizable to the once glowing self.


But we all only live once,

you, as young and life still waiting,

me, as rickety and achy,

you, as naive and lost,

me, as wise and worldly,

both important times in our lives,

both, part of life, part of living,



So, don't feel bad for me,

I have lived a full life,

just as you, too, will experience,

and one day look back and understand,

how fast life passes, in a blink,

and the preciousness of each second.

The difference between envy and striving is understanding where one is currently in their life path.

There will always be someone ahead of us, on their path, with years of experience, regardless of age and we may have joined in on this path at a later time. Envy is believing we need to be where they are in regards to career, life, etc. — in essence, saying, even though someone has been on their journey for a longer period than us, upon entering, we should be right next to them, if not, ahead as soon as possible. This is not reasonable, although there are always exceptions to the rule. When noticing these exceptions, for some reason, we compare, envy, and ultimately feel bad about ourselves, pushing to the point of breakage as if making up for lost time when there is nothing to lose to begin with.

By understanding that although there are exceptions, ultimately we each are on our own, unique, path, some running faster than others, but at the end, equal, with gifts and abilities, balancing out our existence. To respect our bodies, mind, souls is to surrender into where we are right now, honoring the life we currently live, absorbing each moment as is meant, and through this, receiving the lessons we must learn to grow — to not let anything pass us by because we are too much in a hurry. 

The idea of being "satisfied" in where we are in life while never forgetting to look towards the horizon.

One must not forget, future outcomes are infinite, forever changing, and one change in consciousness, one slight shift in perspective, can shift our future completely, hence, there is no need to hold onto, be fixated, by a particular outcome. We may strive for a goal, have dreams, but more importantly, visualize how we want to get there and through the journey, enjoy each moment walking on our chosen path. Smell the roses, pick the fruits, sit down and feel the breeze as right now is only captured in this moment and by understanding how precious this instant is, we begin to let envy fall away and usher in life.