A lot has been on my mind as of late — the earthquake in Osaka, the multiple suicides, the tensions between nations, the energies between world leaders; the list goes on.

What can we do as individuals in our everyday

Are our efforts minuscule compared to the enormity of situations?

I believe it begins from our own selves and beliefs. It begins with us being gentle with ourselves, understanding our moral values, giving grace to areas in need of support and expanding areas of strength. Of understanding what it means to have been born human. No other species on this Earth has the capability to do all that they desire and yet we neglect the fact that with such freedoms comes responsibility, not only for our own actions, but all who depend on our awareness, consciousness, and love.

And this can mean a multitude of things to people. This is not about forcing others to believe in our own beliefs. It is about recognizing our differences and bridging our uniqueness to create harmony. At the very least, respecting the lives of others and all which share this world together.

And how can we do this? By living our truth through what we manifest. Truth tied to the soul, pouring out with love, because any thing or thought brought to life through love  is powerful, transformative, and healing.

Each and every one of us has the ability to make a difference in the world, in another, in each moment. How do you choose to live your truth?

Morning Thoughts


Sometimes the simplest of gestures,

yields the most significant of results.

At times we may need to start from scratch,

but all experiences lead to the next,

each one building upon another.

Do not let one insignificant incident dictate the rest of your existence.

One occurrence is singular,

and if released,

can be left without integration.


Nothing is ever what it seems.

Sometimes better, at times worse,

but nothing is ever what it seems.

We ponder, wonder life,

thinking our imaginations reveal truth,

when in actuality, it contains only fragments of our reality.

How can we begin to see things clearly,

with conviction and confidence?

To see through the heart, not the mind.

The heart shapes reality,

the mind creates illusion.

The heart speaks through spirits,

the mind through the physical.

Yet the two must coexist to create balance,

as one exists through flesh and light.

The child exists in the heart,

The adult roams in the mind.

The true self expresses through the heart,

the contrived self through the mind.

There is no better or worse;

no good or bad, yes or no,

as that is determined through the eye of one,

not all.

To understand is to give ourselves a chance,

to expand beyond,

our own physical existence.


For those who feel they don’t belong,

you are not alone.

For those who are in search of an identity,

it is already with you.

For those who seek self worth through others,

those who have made a difference in the world,

blazoned a path unseen, unheard before,

are those who followed the compass,




heart beating,


rushing to the finish line,

eager to see the next.





What is now has been created,

for us to see, sense, feel,

for without awareness,

nothing is left,

except for what has passed,

and what remains —