No matter how much we may try to cover up what is happening inside,

creating an outer-facing character for the world to see,

we cannot deceive the one who truly matters —

our selves.

Do not try to compare,

or live life as another,

for being as we are,

is the most healing and loving gift we can offer to —

our selves.

This year, I want to be present. 

To push boundaries, and commit to the things that matter most. 

To show up and do the work necessary for growth. 

To harness and balance the wild, unlimited energies of spirit while living in the physical.

To find peace within the uncomfortable.

To honor the self and speak up for what is needed to be healthy and whole, even if it may not always be taken well by another with opposing views.

To express without barriers and communicate through the form best suited for transmission.

To be myself, unapologetically.

To love and give love in ways which feel genuine, raw, and at times, naked.

Because all these things make each moment come to life — sometimes packaged neatly with a bow on top and other times, a thrown-up swirling mess, but nonetheless, real, beautiful, and undoubtedly, purely, fully, us.