Layers upon layers,

between the breaths of words,

the gentle caress of a lover,

the sense of belonging with another.

It may not seem like much on the surface,

with shouting and screaming happening on each corner of the globe,

but there is much being said by the quiet,

by the colors less viewed as vibrant,

show-stopping, extroverted.

A deep-rooted, introspective beauty,

ridges, speckles, emanating from within.


Much happens within the details of stillness.



There is nothing wrong with creating boundaries, selecting how and with whom we would like to spend our time, where and what we would like to do with our energy. At times this may cause friction, disappointment, and difficult situations, but more importantly, what would life be like if we chose to live in accordance with our truth? Exponential growth, spontaneous alignment, serendipitous synchronicity are but a few possibilities.