Satsuki Shibuya

At times we may feel inadequate,

unsure of our self-worth or

no worth left in sight.

Only the shadows of doubt,

questioning our every move,

word, action, thought.

But we are worthy,

just by living, by breathing,

our presence. To be loved.

And we can choose to become

the person we wish to be,

or to emulate those we admire,

but never lose sight of the internal self —

boundless, eternal,

love, life, and spirit.

Satsuki Shibuya

There are days when fatigue is life itself.

A never-ending cascade of demands

placed upon the self

equally stressful

the words we hear of

success, power, prestige.

Coupled with eyes gawking,

fingers pointing,

endless nights.

Take a breath.

Life is more than

what we do

each day.