Morning Messages

Morning Messages

Achieving is comparing the past,

looking towards the future.

Action is in the now,

land with love,

is potent, pure, and grounded.

No need to strive, push, and move towards achievement, to push through, stress. Push with stress.

To do, ACTION is within the now, is tied to the crown chakra, the energy life force that comes into our being. All we need to do, to think about, is ACTION WITH LOVE. That is all.

The present moment is all that we have, all that there is and is where life flows. By being in the present are we potent, pure life energy.

All is in the now because the Universe does not exist in the past or future. Those are linear concepts, both of which do not exist outside the human condition, the mind.

We are spirit beings and to unleash our potential is to align with the energies of the Universe.