Pushing forward,
sometimes means stepping back,
examining where we have been —
what we have done.
Where we are headed,
what we are to do next.

But what about now?
Have we taken the time to look down and see,
what we have created?
Time, sweat, tears,
laughter, more sweat, excitement.
If we do not stop to expand into the now,
we are neither in the past nor future,
for without the now, nothing exists.

Pushing through,
we ponder upon the reality of things,
the meaning of our doings,
the tragedy that is the momentum pushing us forward,
when we lack relaxation,
when we lack compensation,
for the heart, the sweat, the tears,
we have invested.

Take a look around,
what do we see?
Destruction or instruction,
to expand or reprimand,
the very existence we call life.

We must live as we are meant to;
living, breathing, being, seeing,
not the illusions we create,
but through such illusions, the lessons we must partake.
Let us not be afraid of letting go,
to usher in space for the beyond,
for we are infinite beings,
growing, evolving, maturing,