Each step leads to the next,

to the next,

sometimes as planned,

other times unexpected,

winding down, down, down,

into a tunnel. Falling ever so gently,

we drift in and out,

dreamlike, yet unsure,

down, down, down. And deeper we go,

diving deeper, into the subconscious.

What do we find?

Fear? Anxiety? Huddled in the dark corner.

The inevitable, uncontrollable, unknown.

Or do we fear,

the supposedly untamable mind,

cackling like a crazed monkey,

befriended by the wicked witch of the west?

During our most vulnerable moments,

creeping out, catching us off guard,

bringing all to a grinding halt.

We had everything under control,

we THOUGHT everything was under control.

But wait,

what is Control? And why do we yearn for it,

desperately kill for it,

torture for it,



deceit for it.

But why?

Because we are afraid of the unknown,

afraid of what we do not understand,

what we cannot comprehend.

But you see, what we do not understand,

allows for unlimited understandings,

limitless belongings,

bountiful surroundings,

all because we choose to see the world,

through the eyes of the heart.

But, this, is only possible,

when reminded that nothing is permanent,

and the very essence of this realization,

brings to light,

the preciousness of life,

the meaning to our day,

the peace we desire within.