We learn, grow, from the most unexpected moments,
places, people,
while laughing, crying,
sharing a meal,
sharing values, vulnerability —living.

The unexpected whisks us away,
into conversations from the past,
a tribute to a time gone by,
yet realizing it is just as alive as our dreams of the future.

People are people,
whether famous or just starting,
and humility goes a long way,
longer than we may think.
A lasting impression,
not about over extending, but living life worth living.
Questions of why and how,
yet in the end, it is singular, the reason for living —
to find happiness.

A man peddling coffee only goes where the body can go,
A couple, world-famous, yet a human connection, through warm embraces,
Starting as strangers, ending up as life long friends,
how all reminds us of the preciousness of life,
of time well spent.

To live through the unexpected humbly is to flow with the Universe:
bending and curving,
like fields of green,
blown by the wind.