Envy is the evil of all evils.
Or so we are told.
Yet, it happens, unexpectedly,
especially when most vulnerable.
It eats away our hearts,
robs us of hope,
annihilating any glimmer of prosperity,
whether in the physical or emotional.
But, what if we turn envy upside down,
see it for what it truly is.
A realization;
a moment when we forget gratitude,
for we cannot envy if we remember a beginning with nothing more than who we are,
and leave Earth with nothing more than our spirits.
But the difference?
How we choose to see this World,
and our choices enacted,
flourished, nourished,
take shape and form.
This is the same for all people,
the wealthy, the poor,
the beginning, the end,
all the same.
So, envy?
If time could speak,
it would whisper,