Because We Are One

In the most delicate of moments,
when what is said may not be what is meant,
lives are changed.
We may not know it,
dismissing it as “just words”,
or tainted by our own lust,
with power, recognition,
disillusioned by the idea of our holiness,
but such is not to be mistaken for truth,
for we are no different than those who walk besides us.

Equality may not look the same for you or I,
but what is truth is,
you and I are human.
At the core of our being,
we yearn for the same — connection, love, acceptance,
harmony, peace,
for ourselves and our loved ones.

Is this not the same,
for you and me?
Is this not colorless, gender-less, society-less,
but human-ness?

We are not so different,
you and me,
the same eye,
look out into the world with wonderment,
the same nose,
smells the autumnal night,
the same lips,
speak of dreams,
the same heart,
beats of life.

What you say and do,
affects me.
What I say and do,
affects you.
Because we are One.