Hello + Welcome

I decided to start a blog. But, not truly a blog because I’m bad at blogging. I’ve tried to start a blog 4 times now (does Tumblr count? Then, 5.) and have failed miserably. Why? Because, there is something about rules and rigidness that just does not jive with what feels right. I feel trapped and it becomes a chore. Then, I run away; far, far, away.

I asked on Instagram Stories the question:

I’m debating on whether to start blogging again. What do you think?

I was shocked at the responses and very, VERY, humbled. Thank you for taking the time to reply to my question. Some wrote back sharing their thoughts on writing another book instead or starting up the podcast again. Thank you. I’ve thought about both and hope to revisit these projects again as it is of deep interest.

But here I am, starting up another blog.

This time, though, it’s going to be different. The approach, different.

I thought about why I would even want to blog again and what good it would do in the ocean of other blogs on the internet. Would it even make a difference? And then, I got some advice that made me decide on going forth with the idea.

“People will always want more. You can give them ‘x’, but then they will ask for ‘y’. It has to ultimately be something you want to do. Something that brings you joy.”

Yes. That was the point I was trying to connect between blogging and why, because, everything takes time. Writing a post, takes time. Creating a painting, time. Being on Instagram, time. And time is not limitless as long as we are in human form. So, with it being limited, I thought, how would blogging enhance anything? Or, am I wanting to do it for the wrong reasons?

Blogging can’t be blogging for me. It wouldn’t be right for the friends who I dearly love and respect who make a living blogging. But, it can be a journal, a place where I share unfinished thoughts, kind of like my sketchbook, yet in words. There is so much that goes on in my mind and although I do journal religiously, there are just too many other interests, thoughts, feelings, emotions — just, things, swirling in my mind! So, a place I can be frank, honest, unfinished, unpolished, free, messy, doodle, typos, grammatical errors — whatever. A place to not worry about being perfect. A place to catalogue my journey, and along the way, share.

I don’t know how long I will be able to continue this, but one never knows until they try. I’ve tried several times, but then again, there are things in my life I’ve tried and disliked, only to try again at a later point in my life and fall in love. One never knows.

So, I guess, here we go, again! Welcome.

With love,