There is nothing more wasteful, unimportant, and meaningless than comparing ourselves with others. Why? Because no matter how much we compare, we will never be like another and that is the beauty of it all — being uniquely us. Build a world which resonates with you.


We wander, agonize, over what we are meant to do. ⠀
We ask ourselves, "What is our life purpose?"⠀
For some, they may pass on without knowing what this may be,⠀
but many times, just being who we truly are -is- living our life purpose.⠀

People may have only one purpose,⠀
some, sub-purposes within a purpose,⠀
and others, multiple purposes.⠀
It does not matter how many.⠀
What matters is the continued quest in knowing; awakening.⠀

A hint into the connection between who we truly are and what we are meant to do lies in our childhood.⠀
Pure, innocent souls, we exist without rules placed upon ourselves or by others — living moment to moment, internal to external.⠀

What did you love then?⠀
What was the first recollection you have of pure bliss?⠀
What were you doing at that moment?⠀
Ask questions, dig deep, be honest.⠀

Connect to your true self.⠀
Connect to our true self.
Unite the fragmented mind with the ever-knowing, continually-guiding spirit.⠀
The answer is close, waiting to be discovered within.

I am American,⠀

I am Japanese.⠀

I am me.⠀

I have been asked,⠀

"Where are you from?"⠀

I have been told,⠀

"Go back to your own country."⠀

I am American,⠀

I am Japanese,⠀

I am me.⠀

I have been taught,⠀

"We are the human race."⠀

Last time I checked,⠀

a human is not color, nor gender, or country.⠀

I am American,⠀

I am Japanese,⠀

I am me.⠀

A dishwasher,⠀

A taxi cab driver,⠀

A mogul,⠀

A billionaire.⠀

All are human. ⠀

All are part of the same world.⠀

Do you live on Earth?⠀

Last time I checked, so do I.⠀

You are my brother,⠀

I am your sister,⠀

you exist,⠀

and therefore I exist.⠀

I am you.⠀

You are me.⠀


Yes, we are one.