Climbing a mountain is never easy.

It requires courage,


determination —

pushing us beyond our limitations.


But this is precisely why it is exhilarating when we reach the top.

Fists pumped in the air,

proclaiming from the top of our lungs,

"I made it!"

Only to find ourselves descending quickly,

and onto our next adventure.


A little more stronger than before;

a little more wiser than before.

We seek to be somebody,

but we have always been,

and will always be,

beyond any contrived version of the self.

Be you.

You are beautiful and complete,

inside and out,

from the day your spirit graced this planet.

Life is a journey of awakening from slumber,

to reconnect and unleash our truest power within this lifetime.

Young or aged,⠀

old or new,⠀

each one of us has a story to share,⠀

a lesson to to learn.⠀

Let us never be too pompous,⠀

to think we know all,⠀

for growth is expansion,⠀

beyond our physical form.⠀



Can you hear?⠀

The voices of the wind,⠀

the beat of the heart,⠀

the whispers of the soul.⠀


Can you see?⠀

The truth beyond the physical,⠀

the rhythm of the sea,⠀

the beauty of life.⠀


Can you sense?⠀

The emotions which connect,⠀

the laughter with another,⠀

the closeness of each other.⠀

Begin to awaken,⠀

the true identity of who you are,⠀

for the vastness which is,⠀

is beyond comprehension,⠀

beyond comparison,⠀

but can be found by simply being.

Through uncertain times,

we must remember that not all have walked the path we have experienced.

Seeing life through the eyes of another,

is not the same as expecting someone to identify with our view points just because we have

come to believe them as truths.

It is not necessary to put on display our intentions,

to share our thoughts or epiphanies,

for the sake of gaining praise,

when actions speak louder than any condolences placed upon the deaf ears of another.

We must remember to live each moment,

with honor and respect,

humbleness, openness,

willing to see, willing to learn,

willing to converse, willing to understand,

as with all things,

Change begins from the individual.


MOMENT BOOK — satsuki shibuya

What you are witnessing,
are the message of the Universe,
to be shared with all,
to not be of judgement,
but of opening of the mind and heart,
through which,

the writing,
the colors,
the paintings,

all come together,
creating an experience.

A transfer of powers,
of consciousness,
into the souls of others,
to awaken their true nature,
and spreading light into the world.

A single message received,
not to be mistaken for anything extraordinary,
but of necessity,
bringing awareness to our true potential.

We are not limited by our thoughts,
but only limited by the truths we have placed upon ourselves.

If we expand our knowledge,
our understanding of the boundless nature of our existence,
can we begin to truly harness unlimited possibilities.

A book,
for all to come together,
to raise awareness.

We are one soul,
one life,
for what is about to be created,
is for the collective mind.
For each of our personal paths,
going inward,
is tied to the millions of lives here on this planet,
to someday become one,
but it all begins with the self,
to see that you, I, we,
are interconnected beings.

— Satsuki Shibuya