Starting something new is never easy;

at times, petrified by the idea of change, but necessary for growth to begin. ⠀




No one ever imagines how life will be upon entering winter.⠀

Limbs not behaving,⠀
the world moving at an accelerated pace.⠀

Loved ones leaving one by one,⠀
things that once made sense, ⠀
slowly slipping away into oblivion.⠀

No one takes you seriously,⠀
because your view of life is deemed obsolete.⠀

Remembering becomes a chore,⠀
mannered behavior over taken by daily functions.⠀
Being able to eat, sit, sleep, be,⠀
is a miracle taken for granted during youth —⠀

"An eternity away," we say.⠀

Let us be kind with our words,⠀
generous with our love,⠀
patient with our actions,⠀
as this is a path we all will take one day,⠀
and would hope,⠀
with dignity and respect,⠀
for the life we have lived.

Nothing is sustainable when ought to stop,
push, push, push,
crash and burn.

When all is understood,
the cyclical nature of me and you,
the prelude danced between sun and moon,
hand to hand,
heart in tune,
boom, boom, boom.

Flow through the soul,
and breath life into the world.

We may be desensitized by the sensationalized,

detached from the far, far, away,

a reality that may not be ours,

but a day of horror for another.

A nameless face,

an unidentifiable location,

yet, we are all human.

We all come from the same tree,

closer than we may think.

Separation has never been the answer,

segregation leading to fear,

fear leading to anxiety,

anxiety to recklessness.

In the name of what?

Of self protection?

It is not protection of the self,

but of a conceived divide,

born out of ignorance.

Let us look at one another,

not for the flesh we inhabit momentarily,

but at the eternal heart,

the originating root where all begins.