Satsuki Shibuya is an artist, poet, and spiritual thinker whose work represents her way of translating the energy of the unseen, spiritual world into something more tangible in the real world. Born and raised in the constant activity of Los Angeles, California, her work blends the powers of art and spirituality, and it is this combination that allows her to connect deeply with others, more accurately define her art, form her spiritual practice, and better understand her identity as an individual.

Satsuki’s earliest creative exploration was in music, primarily piano and vocals. After spending time in the music industry, she felt herself pulled into the visual arts and pursued that initially through graphic and product design. Following an extended illness that took her away from her profession and allowed her to connect more deeply with her spirituality and her soul, Satsuki was called to painting. With brush in hand, she let emotion and feeling guide her work. She began to explore peace with her own identity as second-generation Japanese by recognizing that belonging is about those in your life rather than where you physically sit. Today, Satsuki continues seeking the harmony her ear was trained to find by translating experiences beneath the surface into something that in turn helps others connect with themselves and the world in a way that often eludes explanation.

Regardless of how her work takes shape, Satsuki knows the purpose is not in the making or the medium. Rather, she creates to express to others what she feels and experiences beyond daily existence with the hope that her art may serve as the catalyst that allows them to discover a deeper purpose for themselves by responding to this energy with sensations all their own.

Written in collaboration with Author and Writer
John Bray.

Solo Exhibitions

Moments, Show + Tell, Los Angeles, California, 2016

Tête-À-Tête, Salad Bowl, Tokyo, Japan, 2016

Flow, Poketo, Los Angeles, California, 2015

Into The Light, Do Design, Madrid, Spain, 2015


Selected Group Exhibitions

Los Angeles Invitational Show, George Billis Gallery, Culver City, Los Angeles, 2018

Calm Chaos no. 02, Zeitgenießische Galerie, Heidelberg, Germany, 2018

GIFC, 0-0 LA, Worldwide, 2018

Palette, Ampersand International Arts, San Francisco, California, 2016

Kisaragi No Isidis, Edane, Osaka, Japan, 2016

Spatially Speaking, PlatformCulver City, California, 2016

fresh stART, Santa Monica, California, 2016

Soul of Asia, Asia Art Network, KEPCO Art Center Gallery, Seoul, Korea, 2015 

Next Generation Art Party, UNICEF, Venice, California, 2015-2018

Soho House x Tappan Collective, Soho HouseWest Hollywood, California, 2015

Good Mail Day, Artstream Studios Gallery, Dover, New Hampshire, 2014

Floral Edition 003, Collectif Blanc, Montréal, Canada, 2014

The Summer Print Shop, Book Stand, FvF Apartment, Berlin, Germany, 2014


Installations / Events

CARIUMA, Pop-Up Event, live painting, Venice, California, 2019

Netflix, “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo”, artwork installation, 2019

Vince, live painting, Pacific Palisades, California, 2018

Urban Outfitters / Space 15 Twenty, Moment Marketplace, live painting + installation, Hollywood, California, 2017

Modern Citizen, ROW DTLA, Los Angeles, California, 2016

The Line Hotel, Los Angeles, California, 2016

Lectures / Workshops

LCD x Tappan Collective (LA Design Festival), Female Identity & Perspectives In Art Today, Los Angeles, California, June 2019

LA Design Festival, Mindfulness & The Creative Process, Panel Discussion, Los Angeles, California, June 2018

OTIS College of Art and Design, Foundation Forward Alumni Panel, Los Angeles, California, February 2018

Satsuki Shibuya x Parachute Hotel, Authentic Branding Workshop, Venice, California, September 2017

Show + Tell, In the Moment — Developing your Intuition for Work and Life, Workshop, Los Angeles, California, November 2016

POKETO, Explorations in Watercolor Workshop, Los Angeles, California, September 2015,  April + October 2016, April 2017

OTIS College of Art and Design, Guest Lecturer, Los Angeles, California, 2015-2019

POKETO, Branding 101 Workshop, Los Angeles, California, September 2013

TYPO International Design Talks, CONTRAST, Guest Speaker, San Francisco, California, April 2013


Let’s Explore Magazine, “United As One”, artwork + poetry, p172-173, Issue 02 — Perseverance, October 2018

Moment, paintings + poetry book, December 2016

The Girl Who Knows, "Words & Watercolors", July — November 2016

Selected Publications

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