Self Love

There are times when I’m unsure,
whether what I am doing is right,
whether it makes a difference,
whether it has substance,
whether it connects.

But, then, to not:
try and try again,
would feel —


There is no space to not be,
who we are meant to be,
for we are here,
making history,
just by being.

If so, why do we not cherish ourselves more?



Sometimes we do not know where we are headed,
or whether it is even the right direction.
We look for signs,
we ask for directions from passerby’s,
only to be told their viewpoints,
unsure if it applies to our current situation.

Why are we so unsure of ourselves,
question our every step,
or swing completely to the opposite end,
pretending to boast self confidence,
while the scared cat,
arches its back,
|in the dark, bleak corner of our inner heart,
shivering with fear,
fear of being found,
called out as fake?

Nothing is certain,
nothing is guaranteed.
Even the truth we seek through others,
through the institutions past who have upheld dignity, honor,
now in shambles,
desolate without an ounce of remembrance of times gone by.

But we do not need to identity with any of this,
for our truth,
our self worth,
our way of being and living,
is within our selves.
Even if we may not know what tomorrow will bring,
we have today,
and that is all we need,
to make the difference we seek.





Pushing forward,
sometimes means stepping back,
examining where we have been —
what we have done.
Where we are headed,
what we are to do next.

But what about now?
Have we taken the time to look down and see,
what we have created?
Time, sweat, tears,
laughter, more sweat, excitement.
If we do not stop to expand into the now,
we are neither in the past nor future,
for without the now, nothing exists.

Pushing through,
we ponder upon the reality of things,
the meaning of our doings,
the tragedy that is the momentum pushing us forward,
when we lack relaxation,
when we lack compensation,
for the heart, the sweat, the tears,
we have invested.

Take a look around,
what do we see?
Destruction or instruction,
to expand or reprimand,
the very existence we call life.

We must live as we are meant to;
living, breathing, being, seeing,
not the illusions we create,
but through such illusions, the lessons we must partake.
Let us not be afraid of letting go,
to usher in space for the beyond,
for we are infinite beings,
growing, evolving, maturing,


It’s ok to say yes,

it’s ok to say no.

It’s not ok to to say things just to please others,

and best to say things which matter most.



Breathtaking moments
happen in an instant.

in an instant.

an instant.

The important,
contained within an,


One Life

Animals, plants, humans, life,
all under one sky,
all in the care of one mother,
all living together.

But at times,
we forget this sacred pact,
taking without gratitude,
receiving without grace.

No one living being is granted,
unlimited powers upon another,
for we are one, together,
the air, the ground, the light,
without another, we would not exist.



What is intuition?

It is heart, 
it is spirit,
it is the One,
it is you,
it is me, 
it is beyond,
it is within.



Nothing is an absolute.
World spiritual philosophies,
converging deviating thoughts,
yet, not one better than the other,
not one more righteous than the other.

A need for perspectives to be recognized,
respected, honored,
various ways of thinking, being,
of understanding the purity of life,
of life as humans.

To be oneself is journeying to find one’s path,
through guidance from the soul.

Be the light from within,
for our self, 
and others.


Of The Rainbow

Just as the colors of the rainbow,
so are we,
you and I,
different yet harmonious.



Feeding ourselves,

using the restroom when needed,

breathing at our own will;

these are not givens.


Gratitude for the simple joys in life. 



We learn, grow, from the most unexpected moments,
places, people,
while laughing, crying,
sharing a meal,
sharing values, vulnerability —living.

The unexpected whisks us away,
into conversations from the past,
a tribute to a time gone by,
yet realizing it is just as alive as our dreams of the future.

People are people,
whether famous or just starting,
and humility goes a long way,
longer than we may think.
A lasting impression,
not about over extending, but living life worth living.
Questions of why and how,
yet in the end, it is singular, the reason for living —
to find happiness.

A man peddling coffee only goes where the body can go,
A couple, world-famous, yet a human connection, through warm embraces,
Starting as strangers, ending up as life long friends,
how all reminds us of the preciousness of life,
of time well spent.

To live through the unexpected humbly is to flow with the Universe:
bending and curving,
like fields of green,
blown by the wind.


Because We Are One

In the most delicate of moments,
when what is said may not be what is meant,
lives are changed.
We may not know it,
dismissing it as “just words”,
or tainted by our own lust,
with power, recognition,
disillusioned by the idea of our holiness,
but such is not to be mistaken for truth,
for we are no different than those who walk besides us.

Equality may not look the same for you or I,
but what is truth is,
you and I are human.
At the core of our being,
we yearn for the same — connection, love, acceptance,
harmony, peace,
for ourselves and our loved ones.

Is this not the same,
for you and me?
Is this not colorless, gender-less, society-less,
but human-ness?

We are not so different,
you and me,
the same eye,
look out into the world with wonderment,
the same nose,
smells the autumnal night,
the same lips,
speak of dreams,
the same heart,
beats of life.

What you say and do,
affects me.
What I say and do,
affects you.
Because we are One.



True power comes from within,

not attached to any external outcome,

only to be depleted with one fell swoop,

depending on the day, the year, the circumstances.

True power comes from the source within,

boundless abundance,

power that is used for people,

for furthering the knowledge of our land,

for deepening our understanding of existence.

It is not attached to any one or any thing,

and all which originate from the self is by definition,



You Are Not Alone

For those who feel they don’t belong,
you are not alone.

For those who are in search of an identity,
it is already with you.

For those who seek self worth through others,
those who have made a difference in the world,|
blazoned a path unseen, unheard before,
are those who followed the compass,



Sometimes, no matter what we do, there is this feeling of,
not doing enough,
not being good enough,
not showing up enough,
not being myself enough,

Then, in a frenzy, trying to pacify our inner turmoil,
we run towards a different direction,
trying to fill the void,
trying to build acceptance,
around the hurt we’ve experienced,
from not being,

But, what is enough?
Who determines what enough means?
And why should anyone else determine enough, except ourselves if it is us who carries out the actions, motions, thoughts, words, in our lives?

 I will say this:
You are good enough,
because you were born.
You are here,
because you are needed.
Not enough is dishonoring the life we have been given,
discouraging us from becoming what we are meant to be.


Body Image

Our bodies are our temples,
not to be dictated by another on the treatment of our existence.
Honor, cherish, and nurture this miraculous creation,
for health and well-being is never a guarantee,
but cultivated through conscious being.


Some days are better than others.

There is no need to keep pushing.

Rest, take a breath,

look around,

expand into life’s beauty.

Sometimes a pause is necessary,

to continue on our journey.



I am American,
I am Japanese.
I am me.

I have been asked,
"Where are you from?"
I have been told,
"Go back to your own country."

I am American,
I am Japanese,
I am me.

I have been taught,
"We are the human race."
Last time I checked,
a human is not color, nor gender, or country.

I am American,
I am Japanese,
I am me.

A dishwasher,
A taxi cab driver,
A mogul,
A billionaire.

All are human.
All are part of the same world.
Do you live on Earth?
Last time I checked, so do I.

You are my brother,
I am your sister,
you exist,
and therefore I exist.

I am you.
You are me.
Yes, we are one.



Beneath the surface,
under the swagger,
behind the pearly whites,
beyond the shattering, shaming,
self-slamming, demeaning,
is ourselves.

Our years of layers,
thick, rich, creamy,
like childhood birthday cakes,
prancing around — pretending,
when deep down all we want is belonging;
understanding us, for us.

Perhaps Merlin,
but otherwise, none are mind-readers,
and connections forged are through the heart, not the mind.

Vulnerability comes and goes,
but who we are

Our savior, our grace,
stammering, stuttering,
we will find our way.



So much redundancy to prove a point,

although something false will never become truth,

no matter whether on repeat.

Too much noise to hear the truth,

yet what do we need?

To hear ourselves.

To hear the birds,

the trees,

the breeze,

our hearts beg —


We are tied up in distractions,

only to realize the oasis we chased,

is nothing but a fleeting illusion.

The only thing permanent is impermanence,

but the only thing worth chasing is meaning itself.

Are we living life for others,

or are we living life to live?


Never Too Late

Feelings of insecurity come through,
heart pounding,
anxiety rising,
life fleeting.

Since young we are told to cherish our youth,
yet when young,
we chase maturity.
Funny how what we do not have entices,
yet we find ourselves at the finish line,

Enjoying life is loving each moment,
not only living motions,
but living within emotions.

It is never too late to live,
never too late to forgive,
never too late to believe,
never too late to begin.

Life may be fleeting,
but we can choose to engage,
right now, right at this moment



Sometimes the simplest of gestures,
yields the most significant of results.

At times we may need to start from scratch,
but all experiences lead to the next,
each one building upon another.

Do not let one insignificant incident dictate the rest of your existence.
One occurrence is singular,
and if released,
can be left without integration.


Just as nature intended,

while trees grow and flowers bloom,

us too,

being who are meant to be,

nothing more, nothing less.

Spreading light and beauty,

just by being, just by living,

we, too,

are living our life purpose,

just as plants, and animals,

oceans and currents,

just by being, just by living.



Let us not forget what unites us —
our passions,
hopes for humanity,
love towards what truly matters,
dreams readying to be fulfilled.

The tangible comes from the intangible,
and what is created through us,
must come from the heart.



I’m not perfect.
Far from it, in fact.
And I used to wonder,
why we curate our lives to create an image of this perfection we don’t have.
None of us have it,
yet we longingly look at others’ and for some reason,
believe that they have it better,
have must achieved the perfect we so desire.

But, I’ve come to realize,
maybe we create such fantasies,
not so much in order to entice envy,
but to grasp an ever fleeting moment of bliss.
Nothing is a given,
including laughter and joy,
and perhaps, a sprinkling of light-hearted banter.
To capture the essence of life we yearn for,
is an ode to the self in search of happiness.

I believe there is nothing wrong with that,
as much as,
nothing wrong with imperfection.



Envy is the evil of all evils.
Or so we are told.
Yet, it happens, unexpectedly,
especially when most vulnerable.
It eats away our hearts,
robs us of hope,
annihilating any glimmer of prosperity,
whether in the physical or emotional.
But, what if we turn envy upside down,
see it for what it truly is.
A realization;
a moment when we forget gratitude,
for we cannot envy if we remember a beginning with nothing more than who we are,
and leave Earth with nothing more than our spirits.
But the difference?
How we choose to see this World,
and our choices enacted,
flourished, nourished,
take shape and form.
This is the same for all people,
the wealthy, the poor,
the beginning, the end,
all the same.
So, envy?
If time could speak,
it would whisper,



Things are forever changing,
Yet we try to hold on,
hoping that all will stay constant,
But fear not,
for with change come new opportunities,
new connections,
new perspectives,
that once again remind us,
change is a part of life,
and what allows us to appreciate each moment we are living. 





The work we do,
is not of boasting,
but of privilege.
A privilege bestowed upon us the moment we came into this Earth,
carrying the gifts we decided to bring on this journey,
to share with others in supporting one another in the awakening of the spirit.
We are reminded when our heart cringes from lack of support,
for a vision we deeply cherish,
a part of our being yearns to create,
to express our deepest desires,
our thoughts, our dreams,
vivid, vibrant, and full of life.
There is no wrong way to live such a life,
for if it is fueled with heart,
only love can reside.
Let us embark on this love-filled ride,
full of surprises and expansion,
for we are here not as robotic-beings,
but full of light, ready to fight for what we believe in —


One Step
At A Time

One step at a time.
Piece by piece, we bring together,
our thoughts,
our ponderings,
our wonderings,
our beings.

Sometimes what we need,
to see the entire picture is time,
to fully embrace,
the lessons,
the heartache,
the tragedy,
the triumph,
for if we are to grow,
and become who we, and only we,
envision ourselves to be,
we mustn’t react solely out of,
spite, desire, greed,
justice, chivalry, righteousness,
but through independence,
of our minds,
our hearts,
our conscious souls.
Then, we shall find,
beyond the rainbow and leprechauns,
the true meaning,
of our actions and beliefs,
to carve out our name,
not of blood,
but of light.


Each step leads to the next,

to the next,

sometimes as planned,

other times unexpected,

winding down, down, down,

into a tunnel. Falling ever so gently,

we drift in and out,

dreamlike, yet unsure,

down, down, down. And deeper we go,

diving deeper, into the subconscious.

What do we find?

Fear? Anxiety? Huddled in the dark corner.

The inevitable, uncontrollable, unknown.

Or do we fear,

the supposedly untamable mind,

cackling like a crazed monkey,

befriended by the wicked witch of the west?

During our most vulnerable moments,

creeping out, catching us off guard,

bringing all to a grinding halt.

We had everything under control,

we THOUGHT everything was under control.

But wait,

what is Control? And why do we yearn for it,

desperately kill for it,

torture for it,



deceit for it.

But why?

Because we are afraid of the unknown,

afraid of what we do not understand,

what we cannot comprehend.

But you see, what we do not understand,

allows for unlimited understandings,

limitless belongings,

bountiful surroundings,

all because we choose to see the world,

through the eyes of the heart.

But, this, is only possible,

when reminded that nothing is permanent,

and the very essence of this realization,

brings to light,

the preciousness of life,

the meaning to our day,

the peace we desire within.



Sometimes we may not know the way.
Other times, we are convinced the north start awaits.
Yet, in a split second, the winds change,
and we are thrown off course,
finding ourselves lost in the sea of confusion.

But all is orchestrated as it is meant,
the grand scheme of life seen beyond comprehension. 

Do not lose hope,
flow with the current,
expand beyond preconceived horizons,
and bask in the light that is Universal knowing.


We are only but a fleck,

on a tiny piece of dirt,

floating in the vast Universe.


First Quarter Moon

A time of abundance.
Concentration increasing,
focusing energies,
potent thoughts.

Push past doubts,
fears, worries,
for you know the way.
Commit to the voice within.

Still the breath.
Express through the heart,
what you envision.


Not all things need to be addressed forcefully.
Quiet contemplation,
precise action,
fierce as a lion,
sharp as a blade,
swift as a ninja.
Be exact in when to take action,
to create the most impact.


From The
Same Tree

We may be desensitized by the sensationalized,
detached from the far, far, away,
a reality that may not be ours,
but a day of horror for another.

A nameless face,
an unidentifiable location,
yet, we are all human.
We all come from the same tree,
closer than we may think.

Separation has never been the answer,
segregation leading to fear,
fear leading to anxiety,
anxiety to recklessness.

In the name of what?
Of self protection?
It is not protection of the self,
but of a conceived divide,
born out of ignorance.

Let us look at one another
not for the flesh we inhabit momentarily,
but at the eternal heart,
the originating root where all begins.