What is MÍRU?

Míru comprises of:

  • Energy Reading
  • Omamori
  • Channeled Message

The energy reading assists to heighten spiritual awareness, bring to the forefront current matters, enable support for your life journey, and potentially reveals insights into past lives as well as possible future outcomes through connecting to soul energy, subconscious, and higher self.

After the energy reading, an original, one-of-a-kind Omamori is created for you to aid in aligning, protecting, elevating, and bringing balance into parts of your life/energy where support is currently needed.

Accompanying the Omamori will be a channeled message to connect your energies with the amulet.

How long is a session?

The energy reading portion of the session will take an hour. Please kindly log onto Skype 5-minutes prior to the start of your session to ensure mic, video, and internet connection is ready.

What do I need to prepare?

Please come prepared with specific questions you would like addressed during the session as an hour goes by very quickly!

As Satsuki does not retain information shared, a sound-only recording of the reading will be sent to you via email after the meeting.

What types of questions can I ask?

There are no questions that are banned from the reading, unless it is about hurting another or the individual in the session, which Satsuki has the right to refuse answering. Otherwise, please feel free to ask whatever you like!

There is no right/wrong or good/bad in Universal law — it is always a good idea to come with an open mind and heart, knowing one always has the option to choose whether the information shared will be acknowledged or not.

If anytime during the reading you feel uncomfortable about what is being seen or revealed, you always have the option to ask Satsuki to move on from that particular part of the reading. This reading is for you and you always have full control.

What can I expect from a reading?

As no two readings are alike, it is difficult to pin point exactly what to expect from a session. To help understand what you might encounter during a reading, please kind read the experiences section for further exploration.

How is an energy reading different from other types of readings?

There are various types of readings, some in the realm of future-telling and others crossing into the spiritual world. Astrology, telepathy, aura reading, tarot cards, past-life regression, connecting with the deceased, clairvoyance — those who read have one, if not multiple specialties to tap into when doing readings. Energy reading is a combination of these many different types, fusing together the subconscious/conscious, connecting to the individual’s soul energy. Sometimes this can bridge into other types of readings, but the main focus is to reveal the individual's current life happenings beyond the tangible.

Looking forward to our reading together!