an energy reading is an in-person or, if remote, via skype, consultation whose objectives include heightening one's spiritual awareness, bringing to the forefront current matters, enabling support for the individual's life journey, and all subjects in between. it comprises of reading the client's soul energy, aura, the subconscious, higher self, and can potentially share insights into past lives as well as possible future outcomes depending on what is currently happening within the subject's life.


once an energy reading consultation has been purchased, an appointment confirmation e-mail listing the scheduled date, time, location, and a list of preparation for the session will follow, typically within 3 business days.  if the date and/or time does not work, please let us know and an alternative new date/time will be selected. please kindly note, however, the scheduled location for the session is non-negotiable and will likely be in the rancho palos verdes area.

due to a high volume of inquiries, appointment dates may be extended out 2-3 months. please kindly place a session with this in mind. 
please contact hello@satsukishibuya.com to inquire about session rates.

C A N C E L L A T I O N S  &  R E F U N D S

please make sure that you are truly ready and committed to experiencing a session prior to your purchase as energy reading consultations can often result in the revealing of long and/or deep-seated emotions and thoughts. no refunds will be offered. however, an energy reading session can be rescheduled if notice is received at least 72 hours in advance of the originally-scheduled appointment date and time.

satsuki reserves the right to cancel any purchased energy reading consultation
(even if an appointment has already been scheduled) with a full refund, at her sole discretion.

B R I N G I N G  F R I E N D S  O R  F A M I L Y

while you are welcome to bring a friend and/or family member to accompany you to the session, the reading is strictly only for the scheduled individual for whom it was purchased. do note that the presence of other individuals in close proximity (e.g. sitting in the same room) could affect the results of the reading.


satsuki shibuya adheres to metaphysical laws and through her experience, unique abilities, and education, offers energy reading services. however, this information is not intended to replace advice from medical or other professional counselors. please be advised that you have a choice and by agreeing to an energy reading, are taking full responsibility for your own actions, whether acting on the advice given or not, and do not hold satsuki shibuya or its agents responsible for any actions you decide to partake in.