No. 003/Interview: Chelsea Sonksen of Bossladies Magazine

In this episode, we speak with Bossladies founder Chelsea Sonksen about her experiences prior to starting up the magazine, how she views work/life balance, and the responsibility we all have in sharing what we believe with the world.

The conversation covers:

  • Chelsea's story, and what excites her about bringing a community of women together
  • How she plans her days, and what she does to get over difficult moments
  • Your calling vs. how you make a living
  • The dilemma of sharing yourself to connect with others on social media, but needing to be mindful of who has access to your heart
  • The power of words
    ...and much more!

Three books that Chelsea recommends:

Photo by Michelle Mishina @mishinaphoto

Photo by Michelle Mishina @mishinaphoto

We are responsible for not only our viewpoints and how we express them but also for being mindful for how it’s being received.
— Satsuki Shibuya
Photo by Brandi Welles @brandiwelles_photo

Photo by Brandi Welles @brandiwelles_photo

About Chelsea:

Chelsea Sonksen is a writer, editor, and entrepreneur based in Santa Monica (but originally from Maine). She is the founder and editor-in-chief of Bossladies, a biannual print magazine that celebrates female artists and entrepreneurs.

Through Bossladies, Chelsea hosts five events every month in LA - from a Work Sesh series to a Fireside Chat. This fall, Bossladies events will be expanding to a few new cities including Orange County and Dallas.

Chelsea is also a freelance editor and publishing consultant, where she helps authors prepare their books for publication and pitch their concepts to literary agents. Three of her recent projects will be published in the coming year.

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