No. 002/Q+A: Blockage + Intuition

How does one bring intuition into their creative practice and keep limiting thoughts at bay? Satsuki shares her thoughts in a listener Q+A.

Show Notes

  • What is intuition? How do you find it? Some things to look for: a sense of deep knowing, a feeling of excitement (like your whole being is saying YES!), or a lack of resistance and sense of moving forward. Intuition is a very personal experience, unique to each of us. 
  • In order to establish a deeper connection with your intuition, do some detective work about what makes you tick. Why do you do what you do, and what about your practice gets you excited?
  • Tune in to your natural rhythm (recommended reading below), and take notes on moments that stand out to you (“I really enjoyed that process”, or “I loved the way that felt”) to better understand what works for you.
  • The mind can get in the way when we start to quantify/reason with what makes us feel intuitively aligned. It tells us what we should be doing or feeling instead of letting our heart guide us. Try the exercise below when limiting thoughts occur.
What makes you tick, what makes you excited? Most likely, that will be a moment when intuition is connecting with the physical world.
— Satsuki Shibuya


  • When limiting thoughts occur, take a deep breath and ask yourself "Are these thoughts my truths? Do I truly believe in them?". Identify where the thought originated to better understand why it surfaced.
  • Write the thought down on a piece of paper, read it, tell it “I don’t need you anymore” and discard it. 
  • Visually acknowledging these thoughts and making an active choice to discard (or keep) it is empowering. 
  • Continue the cycle of acknowledging and choosing to release the blockage, little by little.


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