A podcast about re-examining the everyday to find our truth

EYE + I is an invitation to see the everyday in a new light;
a gentle push to look beyond what we’ve been told to believe, to discover our own truth.

Who are we meant to be?
How can we better connect with our heart, and see past the limitations we place upon ourselves?

Join artist and spiritual thinker Satsuki Shibuya on a journey of freeing the soul and connecting back to one's pure essence.


Episodes 001 — 003:




Creating a podcast has been on my mind for sometime now. Perhaps a year? I can't quite recall, but having been an avid listener for some time and with a plethora of genres to choose from, I continue to be enamored by the medium.  


With such an abundance of podcasts out there, I thought, ‘Why do I need to create another one?’ The idea originally stemmed from a desire to connect with others on an intimate level. I started blogging, but after several attempts, wasn’t finding the connection I desired.  On the contrary, I love the intimacy of podcasts.  It feels as though you are peering into another's life or receiving insight through wise words.


So, here we are, preparing for the first episode launch of Eye + I and must say, it's definitely been a learning curve, but exhilarating, and a huge undertaking. Through this entire process, my mind kept coming back to, ‘All of this would not be possible without the support of others. Thank you. Thank you’. Although I am sure it will continue to evolve, as with all things, it’s exciting to see the pieces coming to life.


The hope for this podcast is not to have a particular number of followers or reach the number one spot on iTunes, but to truly provide something of value and bring oneness to our existence. To become aware of the messages and hints weaved within the fabric of our everyday through stories, other's experiences, and direct conversations; each step taken, awakening the true nature within us all.


We are all here on a mission, and my hope is Eye + I will be just one of many different pathways people take to define life and find purpose within themselves.


I hope you'll join me on this new journey.


With heart, Satsuki


Think about why you’re doing what you’re doing, why it’s important to you, and if it doesn’t align then maybe its time to dig deeper…