Over the past three years, Satsuki’s energy readings have become an integral part of my self care practice; an opportunity to drop in, connect with my soul, and tap into my truth. While this experience could very easily be daunting and uncomfortable, Satsuki always creates space for me to open up and feel the full range of my emotions, some of which I could have never anticipated coming to the surface prior to each reading. Every time we meet, I walk away with a stronger sense of self and clarity around the current challenges I may be facing. While the takeaways are many, what I enjoy most about Satsuki’s readings are their lack of prescription. She simply taps into a truth that is already present within each of us, and leaves the experience open to your interpretation. For anyone seeking a greater connection with themselves, I can’t recommend this experience enough.

Jessica Comingore

I have now had the privilege of receiving two energy readings from Satsuki. I consider these experiences to be blessings in the most literal sense of the word. I will summarize each experience in turn. 

The first time was an 'emergency' reading. We had a death in the family - my older brother committed suicide. Personally, this was the most extreme emotional experience of my life. Satsuki generously provided time for my family to meet with her, immediately after she found out. The four of us (my mother, father, sister, and I) went to her house one evening and spent about 2 hours with her. We brought some belongings and photographs of my brother for her to connect with him. We were all to remain as open as possible, both physically and mentally. She cleared her energy and connected. What happened next is the single most amazing event I have ever experienced. She explained the big picture as well as the small details of why it happened, how he felt in life and his relationship to each of us, and what was best for us to do moving forward. For me, this almost instantly cleared up any negative feelings, questions, concerns, regret, and remorse that I had at the time. I was particularly worried about the effects of a suicide on a soul. She explained that a soul simply must exit life on earth at a given point. How that happens is up to the soul. Thus suicide is not necessarily a bad way for someone to exit. She was happy to answer questions we had as they came up. The conversation swayed this way and that, addressing random thoughts/questions/concerns. She had an answer for everything, and explained things in a way I had never experienced before. She was so matter of fact, with a deep intuition and knowledge that made complete sense. It is hard to describe, but everything just felt right. We all left the session very emotional, but with a strong sense of connection to and understanding of our loved one. Moreover, I felt more connected to my family, friends, and life than perhaps ever before.

The second energy reading I had was a personal reading, where I alone met with Satsuki. This reading focused on me and my life journey. She began with a general energy scan of my being, bringing up various topics that immediately came to her. She gave insight on my current state, explaining why I am feeling the way I am feeling. With these explanations came lessons on how to learn from them, and make yourself into a more balanced person. Her explanations and lessons were accurate and precise, describing myself in ways I had never thought of before. She described why other people in my life do what they do, explaining the real reasons for their actions - things I had never even considered! We went on to discuss various topics that came up - at times she would raise a question, more often I would. She was happy to answer all questions with the same detail, deep insight, and knowledge as the first reading my family had with her. The main things I took away from this second reading were a deeper understanding of myself and how to grow as an individual. I recorded the session and listen to it very frequently. She says a lot, so it is very difficult to remember everything she says. Practically each sentence holds a gift of its own. 

In general, I give Satsuki my highest recommendation. She can literally provide a life-changing experience. I can not say enough good things about her and the gift she has. I have seen many psychics, astrologers, tarot card readers, etc., and she is by far the truest to form. You will know it when you see it. If you are reading this, I trust you are open to this type of experience. You owe it to yourself to receive her blessings. 

Kazumi Nakamura

Energy readings with Satsuki have been life-changing to say the least. It’s hard to put into words the massive shifts and changes I’ve experienced from working with her just a few times. I remember my first reading felt like ten years of therapy in one session. We dug deep. I felt completely seen for who I was — I don’t think I had felt that in a really long time. 

Satsuki has the ability to see into the true depths of your heart and soul. She hones in and brings light to the essence and core of who you are. She can see beyond the layers of what most people can typically see in a person, and can sense and help address deep-rooted and often times subconscious concerns in your psyche that may be creating points of frustration or conflict in your current life happenings. She also has the ability to see your greatest strengths and weaknesses, and can give you invaluable insight on how to use them to your best interest. During every session, Satsuki thoughtfully answers any and all questions you may have in a nonjudgmental and compassionate way. Her ability to sense and see things the way she does is her gift, and she offers advice and possible solutions to help you make change or take steps forward with confidence. 

Wherever you are in your life journey, I highly recommend working with Satsuki. She is living her truth, and she will help you see yours too. In my experience, the readings with her have been especially helpful in times where I’ve felt stuck/stagnant, or wanted clarity about myself, my path or my purpose. After every session, I’ve left with a new sense of renewal and hope. 

Jennifer Young

I sat at my oldest brother's desk sobbing with grief. He had passed away two days earlier. I stared at the belongings in his apartment, not knowing how to cope or what to do to ease the pain. The only possible action I could think of was to contact Satsuki. I remember tears hitting the screen of my phone as I emailed her. We met that night and her peaceful energy, the kind of energy that is both empathetic to minutia and confident in Mother Nature, instantly calmed me. 

"I'm here for you," I felt her smile say as she greeted me.

Satsuki spoke with my deceased brother.

"I'm sorry," she said, "He says, 'I'm sorry.'" 

The same tone, the same inflection, the same "I'm sorry," he always said to me, just a different voice. But this time it resonated. I cried. I finally understood what he meant all those times he said those words.

When Satsuki told me this, I realized he meant he was sorry that he could not do better, sorry he could not be better, sorry he was trapped within himself, sorry how complex and difficult it can be to be human. And more than anything, that sorry said, "I love you." 

Satsuki patiently answered all my questions. Her energy reading changed my view of life, and death, and love, and pulled me out of the doldrums of despair in quite possibly my darkest hour.


There is an instant feeling of comfort and ease when stepping into an energy reading session with Satsuki. Her welcoming and open, non-judgmental nature give these readings a deeply personalized, emotional, and highly candid nature. In fact, I found it impossible to hold back any honesty. 

I was moved by everything from the soul-searching guidance to the surprising new discoveries to the many feelings and beliefs of mine that were confirmed. None of these beliefs or feelings have any sort of logical basis to them, so to have my intuition read back to me and validated by another person was truly surreal. I even experienced some very unexpected physical sensations.

I’ve had the privilege of having two readings from Satsuki so far, and I found each time to be almost like spiritual therapy sessions. Neither reading felt rushed in any way, but despite their relaxed pace, the time went by in what felt like an instant because there was still quite a bit discussed and revealed. 

These readings/sessions could probably be more accurately described as experiences, and I would not hesitate to go back to Satsuki for one when I’m ready again.

Suzanne Feyche

Satsuki Shibuya has an uncanny ability to accurately read energy with a veracity that only a true seer can do. The first time she read my energy was in conversation and it happened organically without being forced. The insight she shared with me struck me instantly as a perception that could only be generated by someone with extrasensory perception. Satsuki's intuition, compassion and kindness are communicated through interacting with her. She has raised my awareness and helped sharpen my senses. Over the last 3 years she has provided me with invaluable insight on numerous occasions. I recommend her energy reading wholeheartedly.

Mike Sonksen, Poet & Educator

The energy reading with Satsuki was amazing. Satsuki was so down-to-earth, gentle, respectful and helpful. She read my energy at my deepest level and provided concrete ideas of how to support that energy in a positive way in my life. The reading filled my heart. I recommend an energy reading with Satsuki to anyone at any age and at any stage of their life.  












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