Artist Statement

I want people to feel connected not necessarily with my work, but through it. I see myself less as the artist and more as the medium through which the universe communicates the harmony that moves between us. Love is foundational to every human connection and, with my art, I strive to express the energy behind this emotion through visual representation in whatever form necessary. As a result, my art connects deeply to my spiritual practice and is driven by the energies and auras I experience. This helps guide everything from the medium itself to the colors and the way the brush responds in my hand.

The forces that define us are often experienced beyond day to day life, and I hope to support others by enabling them to experience these forces in a way that is uniquely theirs. I’m drawn to both visual representations in various mediums and the written word, and I combine the two in some of my work as a way of painting with language and speaking with form and color. Working in this way adds depth and detail to how the often-unseen world shows itself to me and allows me to more accurately translate what I experience.